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It started over a beer….12 years ago.  At a time when Podcasts were suddenly the thing we had an idea to start our own – then Walt Gold moved to another country and ruined it all – then The Dude moved to another country –  until one day they finally realised (sharp as a nail they are) that they don’t actually need to be in the same country to record the podcast.  

A couple of mates discussing stuff that interests them ; music being at the forefront of their focus.  

A mutual appreciation for all genres and relatively well aligned tastes, Walt Gold and The Dude aim to delve deeper, ask the questions you want to ask and generally just share some stories along the way. 

It ain’t rocket science (it ain’t even science – and rockets have nothing to do with the podcasts to be fair) but Walt Gold and The Dude are at a stage in their lives where they feel their podcasts need to be heard – and if by heard it means only by their wives then that’s 2 people beyond the men themselves that can pass judgement on these two larrikins banter


The Dude

Show Host

Tempted by the bell for last drinks in the pub next door every single night.  Loves music, film, and art.  Not wanky art I can’t understand.  Just basic art.  Also couldn’t sell a toaster during a 12 hour sale.

Walt Gold

Show Host
Geek of all things music and film, has often juggled with the temptation of becoming a global critic of the arts – except he doesn’t know what that means.  Could not only sell a toaster but could build a whole new bread warming range of devices in any 12 hour sale.

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